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Appearance – Youmacon 2015

I just wanna remind everyone that I’ll be at Youmacon for my fourth year! It is such an honor to be invited so many times in a row, and I’m very thankful to the fans and crew that are willing to work with us each year to make the best show we can.

You can find my full schedule:

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Interview – Impact Radio 88.9 FM on Asian Music Mondays

Just want to let everyone know you can catch me on Michigan airwaves at 6:00 PM PST tonight! I had the honor of being invited onto Asian Music Mondays on Impact Radio.

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Appearance – Midwest Media Expo

I’m back on the east side of the U.S. for another convention! This time I crashed Midwest Media Expo.

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Appearance – Youmacon

Just a reminder that I’m leaving on a plane tomorrow for Youmacon in Detroit! While I try and figure out where the time went, you can check out my schedule for the convention.

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